A Radical Collaboration

After a grueling five year epic of experimentation and innovation, Behruz Studio present their collaboration with renowned artists Robert Doble and Simon Strong.

Doble & Strong have been collaborating since 2010 on avant-garde masterpieces that combine photography and paint on metal to portray the female body in constant states of metamorphosis. Erotic and challenging, the works have inspired a loyal following among collectors, critics and curators.

In their latest foray, Doble & Strong have teamed up with textile aficionado Behruz Aligorgi to create a bravura suite of 12 silk and wool rugs that will transform both home and office into a contemporary art museum.

Working from drawings and paintings prepared by the artists, Aligorgi travelled to Nepal to work with traditional Tibetan rug weavers to translate these surreal images into woven reality. The results are a far cry from the Buddhist and Chinese imagery that the weavers usually adhere to and posed immense technical and creative challenges for all involved.

“It was an adventure,” says Aligorgi. “It was an immense challenge, but one that paid off.”

NEOTENY, Hand woven, wool and silk, 300 x 407 cm

Writing in the accompanying catalogue for the unveiling, art critic Ashley Crawford notes that:

“Derived largely via a fascination with the human body, Doble & Strong ‘operate’ on the female form. The weavers have caught this sense of organic flow. While keeping astoundingly loyal to the original designs, their materials have added a new texture, a softness that belies the strangeness of the forms the artists have concocted.”
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For this project, Behruz selected the most skilled weavers from the workshop. Although all weavers are very talented, some have a finer hand and due to the complexity in the designs this was an important asset to have.

Loom Settings

While the yarns are being prepared, the loom for each rug is built specifically for the size of the rug to be woven.

Dyeing and preparing the yarns

The yarns used throughout this collection are pure New Zealand Wool and Pure Natural Silk. The yarns arrive to the workshop in their raw form.

Graph Production

It was Amir, from Behruz Studio, who was in charge of ensuring all elements of design from each artwork were captured with the right movement and colour placement.

Matching Colour Yarns

One of the most time consuming tasks for this project was colour matching every colour which exists in the original artworks.