Simon Strong and Robert Doble photographed by Søren Solkær

Doble & Strong

With a collaboration spanning several years and four major exhibitions, the work of Robert Doble & Simon Strong is a unique combination of cutting edge photographic technologies and the time honoured use of paint in abstraction. While both artists are established solo careers, their body of collaborative work represents a self-contained and potent stream of artistic expression.

Fusing the tradition and beauty of the nude in art with genetic engineering, medicine, viral outbreaks and science fiction, the works of Doble & Strong are presented, vitrine-like, in perspex cases, their overwhelming beauty counter-balanced by the unsettling appearance of biological growths and fungal and bacterial blooms. The bodies of their subjects, while smooth and pristine are often opened with surgical precision, or conversely, pierced from within by the protrusion of horns or bone. The paint itself begins to suggest internal organs and fluids flooding to the surface or laid open and bare from the removal of skin.

Doble & Strong are represented by Art Equity, Sydney and NKN Gallery, Melbourne.

Lupus Vulgaris: Cornu Cutaneum Study #2, 2015
Gloss enamel and Iriodin® on chromogenic print mounted on aluminium composite board
178 x 125 cm