Dyeing and preparing the yarns

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The yarns used throughout this collection are pure New Zealand Wool and Pure Natural Silk. The yarns arrive to the workshop in their raw form. Whilst being washed and spun into hanks by the weavers, the dye master develops the dye colours. He follows recipes for colours which have been used before but for this project also had to develop new shades and therefore new recipes. Where new shades were developed these were tested (sometimes a number of times) to ensure the shade was just right. Behruz travelled to the workshop to oversee this process and was there to approve each shade. Once the formula was ready, the liquid dyes are poured into heated vats where the wool or silk is then placed and stirred evenly to ensure perfect colour saturation. Once the colour is evenly spread throughout the yarns, the hank is then hung to dry before being colour checked and handed over for weaving.

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