Matching Colour Yarns

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One of the most time consuming tasks for this project was colour matching every colour which exists in the original artworks. It was Behruz Studios task, specifically Bridget and Anna’s role, to ensure that all colours were matched to the same hues throughout and that no detail was missed. This meant ensuring that the colours took on the same effect as the globules of paint, splashes of ink and lines of pencil. Once the colours were selected, Amir then had to determine which yarns were to be wool or silk and the artworks themselves helped make this decision. Some of the areas of paint have an iridescent effect, so this naturally determined which areas would be woven in silk. Some areas, were flatter in effect so these were pure wool. Once the colours and yarns were selected, Robert and Simon were shown the final selections and the details were then given to the workshop for graphing and dyeing to begin.

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