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For this project, Behruz selected the most skilled weavers from the workshop. Although all weavers are very talented, some have a finer hand and due to the complexity in the designs this was an important asset to have. The weavers follow the graph in a ‘paint by numbers’ method with each dot of a square on the graph being one knot. They place the yarn around a metal rod and create rows of knots which are then cut with a sharp knife. Once cut, the yarns are then trimmed with scissors to form an even pile. The colours of this collection change very frequently so it was a skill in itself to follow the graph without error. Behruz travelled to Nepal frequently during the weaving process to ensure all colours were woven in the correct place and that the overall look of the weave was a representation to the artwork. With each visit, he was more and more impressed by the weavers who are artists themselves.

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